The Hounds of Spring

On April 26th, the Saint’s music department had their largest evening of the year. “The Hounds of Spring” showcased the talents of the junior and senior concert bands, as well as the junior and senior jazz ensembles.

Of the three shows in the year, the spring show has always been the most prevalent as it is the culmination of a whole years work. To add to the importance of the evening, it was also the final concert for legendary conductor and band teacher Marko Rnic.  If all of those features were not enough to excite a crowd, it was also the world premiere of Dave Chick’s “Morning Routine” composition.

After 30 years at St. George’s Rnic has effected the community in astounding ways as he created valuable connections with students as well as teachers. A compliment to the evening was composer Dave Chick who also works in the professional sound industry while composing classical music on the side.

As the night progressed, the different ensemble’s brought listeners on a trip around the world. From the senior jazz band’s South American vibe- to the classic English songs from the concert bands and the modern, lyrical dance of Jack Li’s clarinet solo.

“It was the perfect sendoff” 11th grade band member Josh Brown said after the performance. He went on to speak about how much Mr.Rnic has meant to him over his four year journey through the band program.

The night unfolded beautifully and was enjoyed by everybody involved.