Martha Mooke Workshops; Arts Week 2016


Eric Cheng

Martha performing at the assembly.

Martha Mooke was the first special guest to arrive at St. George’s School’s 2016 Arts Week. Martha is a famous musician who has performed for shows on Broadway. On Monday April 11, and Tuesday April 12 Martha was in the classrooms giving workshops to the students. The Creed witness her workshop for Mr. Wilson’s english class. She helped the boys prove a message through dialogue, music, and poetry. Martha gave the boys a few tips on how to put oneself into a different mindset and feel what is happening in that environment. The boys were working on creating a new protagonist from the novel, Three Day Road. By the end of the class the boys got to present there work. It was a true pleasure for the boys to be able to work with Martha during the jam pack Arts Week occurring at St. George’s!