Harker Hall’s 2017 Easter Dinner

The Easter Dinner took place in the cafeteria of the Junior School.

The Easter long weekend allowed Harker Hall’s organisers to plan a host of relevant events for the boarders. On Sunday, Harker Hall’s traditional annual Easter dinner took place in the Junior School cafeteria – in a fashion was very similar to that of the Thanksgiving meal that took place several months beforehand. The tables were organised into a “U” formation, while the centre table was decorated with a 2-foot tall chocolate Easter bunny and the night’s savoury dessert – a cake consisting of chocolate and rabbit shaped marshmallows. Mr. A. Hesketh, the Director of Boarding, expressed gratitude toward Mr. E. Taylor and his team for preparing the meal as well as the Harker Hall’s residents for “[taking] the time to enjoy a community meal.”