An Unsavoury Christmas?

A distasteful yet epiphanic meal

Christmas trees are striving to conventionalise the image of the festival.

Chakchung Kuo

Christmas trees are striving to conventionalise the image of the festival. (Tommy Kuo)

Now you are sincerely invited to enjoy a special Christmas dinner that you have never had before. Have a look at the menu and bon appétit!


Bustling & Brawling
The whole town is energetic and seems like everyone is talking about Christmas. However,
this may make us hate the festival instead of going for the joyful atmosphere. We endeavor
to keep in contact with others, so that they can spend Christmas with us. But imagine lately
we have just had a quarrel with them; an embarrassing reconciliation is just not timely.
Rather than burst into tears because of the prospect of celebrating the major festival alone,
try your best to restore harmony. The birth of Jesus Christ should not be cheered with groan.

Deadline Dash
The closer the day, the happier (maybe crazier) we are. Hoping to make the coming
Christmas more unforgettable than the previous ones, we develop a more painstaking
attention to house decorations, make a tastier Christmas dinner to impress and please
others, or give our beloved ones presents that they have never received from us. These
drive us to go shopping, which can get pretty exhausting when our shopping list gets
longer and longer as ideas emerge. If we cannot get what we need, or something just does
not go the way we want it to, imagine the stress generated; this may have occurred to us.


Commercial Convincement
It is the season of celebration, it is the season of transaction. There is an array of dazzling
commercials from supermarkets, department stores and whatnots. Our brains are hatching
ideas about buying extra items, while companies are satisfied with grabbing a handful
of cash and stuff them into their own pockets. Realise the exchange of money is spiteful
when the true meaning of celebrating Christmas is forgotten? When Jesus Christ learns that
his birthday is manipulated for money, it is certain that he will be disappointed or even mad.

A sign showing Christmas sales in a local grocery store
A sign showing Christmas sales in a local grocery store (Tommy Kuo)

Forsaken Folks
The weather is not adapted to pedestrian purposes, and the thermometer is a long way below
zero. Charles Dickens had precisely pointed out something important in A Christmas Carol.
We celebrate Christmas in our warm houses; on that account it is very likely for us to forget
the fact that in the desperate streets and alleys there is someone who needs help but we neglect.
Simply keep the party going, the fireplace illuminating and our heart frozen by the coldness;
the image of the city is etched up on the sky with a piercing sound of melancholy and sadness.

A beggar outside another local grocery store
A homeless man outside another local grocery store (Tommy Kuo)


Merry Christmas
Taste the sweetness.

If you cannot taste the sweetness, it may be that you are experiencing these Christmas problems. Every year, the same melodies that we know by heart and eye-catching decorations are striving to conventionalise the image of Christmas, and they subconsciously turn its other side away from the spotlight of festive delight. It is not too late to realise them; try to make some changes and take action. Wish you a truly merry Christmas!

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