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Amazon Prime’s Invincible gets a new Season!


DISCLAIMER: This review contains spoilers from Invincible Season 1 

Rating: 8/10 


While the quality of action-packed Superhero movies has declined since the finale of Phase 5 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the genre has been thriving on the TV, with shows such as “The Boys” and “Invincible” dominating over the newly reconstructed idea of superheroes.

From its initial release in 2021, Invincible’s storyline and unique lens of portraying superheroes shocked the world with its amazing acting and drama unseen by any kind of animated show. Viewers got to experience the thrill of the drama, gore, and action displayed on the highest level of animation. The cast — featuring Steven Yuen as Invincible, and JK Simmons as Omni Man– were equally impressive in their acting skills.

The conclusion of Season One of ‘Invincible’ left fans reeling, casting doubt on everything they thought they knew about the series. This uncertainty, compounded by a significant delay in production, has dramatically heightened anticipation for Season 2. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this action-packed saga.

Despite a 2.5-year hiatus, the new season kicked off with the same fervour and excitement it maintained when it last aired in 2021, underscoring the dedication of the Invincible fanbase.

“Invincible” does an exceptional job of capturing the raw, real emotions of its protagonist, Mark Grayson. The show tackles  his deep-seated trauma following his father’s departure, bringing a genuine, heartfelt dimension to his character. At the same time, it skillfully portrays his daily life as a college student, juxtaposing his mundane challenges with the extraordinary demands of being a superhero. This blend not only keeps the storyline engaging but also makes Mark’s character incredibly relatable and human. 

Season 2, while steering away from the non-stop action of its debut season, continues to captivate audiences with its rich, character-driven storytelling. The season delves deeper into the psychological and emotional tensions faced by Mark Grayson as he grapples with the daunting responsibility of potentially taking over Earth. Meanwhile, the show doesn’t shy away from exploring the equally compelling narratives of the key women in his life—his mother, Debbie, and his girlfriend, Amber. The show’s ability to maintain viewer engagement through these personal and emotional arcs speaks volumes about its depth and the strength of its character development, ensuring that even with fewer battle scenes, the suspense and investment in the characters’ fates remain high.

Nolan on the Thraxan planet

In addition, The producers of “Invincible” honour the original comic book series while adapting it for television, striking a fine balance between fidelity to the source material and the demands of episodic storytelling. They manage to showcase significant events from the comics without overstaying their welcome, ensuring that no single plot point overshadows others. For example, Mark’s time spent on the planet Thraxan was the comic-book-accurate “main event” of the timeline; however, the directors managed to fit everything into one episode as well as the showcase of the drama back on Earth with the Guardians. This careful pacing preserves the impact of each major event, maintaining the narrative’s integrity and keeping the audience engaged.

Season 2 of “Invincible” excelled in its pacing, unfolding events and character arcs. While I would have enjoyed more action scenes, the producers did a commendable job in developing Mark’s character, providing him ample room to grow. This thoughtful character exploration makes audiences eager to see how he evolves in future seasons, promising more depth and engaging storytelling ahead.

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Alex Yang
Alex Yang, Staff Writer
Currently a Senior at St. George's School, Alex is ecstatic to be a part of the Echo this year! From dazzling the chords on the electric guitar to learning quirky pop songs on the piano, Alex is passionate about music and the arts. At Saints, Alex is an active member of the community. He was a part of the Discovery 10 cohort, as well as a member of the Sustainability Council, Saints Sprouts, and Concert Band, performing in the Pit Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. In his spare time, Alex can be found picking up and putting down heavy circles, listening to Frank Ocean, discovering new R&B Music, and hiking in the backcountry. Through Journalism this year, Alex hopes to expand his impact on his community.

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