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The Absolutely Definitive and Not at All Biased Saints Cafe Tier List

The front of the Saint’s Cafe

We’ve all had that one moment when we stood in front of the counter at Saints Cafe, with a large assortment of different treats and snacks in front of us, and a massive line of people behind us. With so much decision paralysis, and the pressure of people behind us, it can be hard to pick out food that you want. We at Saints Echo will try to simplify the process, and help everyone to make better, informed decisions for your wallet, and your tastebuds.

After years of eating at the cafe, Richard and I have tasted almost every item in stock, and we will now use our experience to organize the food items into a tier list.

We will be rating each food item that is currently available at the cafe. Using taste as the primary categeria, each item will receive a letter grade, with the highest being S, followed by A, B, C, D, and F.

Without further ado, here are the ratings:


Bacon Wrap – C/B

Too much hashbrown, too little bacon. 


Sausage Wrap – C

Not spicy, quite one-dimensional to be honest. 


Spicy Sausage Wrap – A

Enough of everything to taste good, and a huge improvement over its spiceless counterpart. 


Turkey Wrap – F

Atrocious. I might as well have been eating leather.


Kimchi Chicken Wrap – C

Overpriced, bland, and extremely expensive. 



Breakfast Sausage Sandwich – A

A hearty start to any day with a consistently juicy patty.

Breakfast Bacon Sandwich – B

Sometimes the bacon portions are very generous; other times, I could swear there wasn’t any bacon at all.


Breakfast Spicy Sausage Sandwich – S

The spice adds a layer of depth to an already solid food item.


Chicken Pesto Sandwich – B

Decently priced, and slightly dry, but the pesto really carries.

Chicken Focaccia – A

Literally just a chicken pesto sandwich but bigger, better, and bacon-er

BLT Sandwich – B

Used to be A tier, it’s just not as good in comparison in terms of variety with the newer sandwiches.


Tuna Sandwich – B

It’s literally a tuna sandwich… Get it if you like tuna. 


Chicken Club Sandwich – B

It’s a focaccia that doesn’t have bacon; the only reason I’d buy this over focaccia is because of the slight prize difference. 


Ham and Cheese Sandwich – B

The True Neutral of all the sandwiches. Jack of all trades, master of none. 


West Coast Chicken Sandwich – F

Tastes like grass, literally.


BBQ Chicken Sandwich – B

Pretty good, could become A tier if it was cheaper. 



Breakfast Bowl – B

Feels like a watered-down breakfast wrap. Definitely easier to eat though. 


Caesar Salad – A

A solid salad, with slightly soggy croutons, if you’re willing to go through the hassle of mixing it in an all too undersized bowl. Generous serving of chicken as well.


Noodle Bowl – B/C

I remember having this once and never having it again, considering that the Caesar salad is just that much better of a pick. The “sweet” and sour flavoring doesn’t compliment the already mediocre noodles.


Miscellaneous Cooked Food:

Pizza Pretzel – A

The OG. Good ol’ reliable. My only complaint is that it gets soggier as the day goes on. 


Chicken Samosa – S

Absolutely delicious for a good price. Definitely worth a try if you haven’t had it. 


Veggie Samosa – A

Tastes like the chicken samosa with slightly less ‘oomph’ to it…



Coffee – C

It’s just coffee… Doesn’t taste particularly good, but it being coffee saves it for all the workaholics in our school,


Black Tea and Green Tea – C

Tea bags but they charge an arm and a leg. 

Bubble Tea – B

A little bland, and a lot of sugar is condensed at the bottom. A lot of the Cafe drinks suffer from this. 


Bubble Tea with Pearls – B

Same problem as the regular bubble tea, but the pearls do help a little with the issue. 


Grapefruit Tea – B

Surprisingly good and pretty refreshing. 


Mango Green Tea – C

Tastes like green tea until you reach the bottom, in which it tastes like sugar water. 


Lemon Tea – B

The flavouring is very diluted, but still somewhat refreshing. Not enough sugar is added. 


Chocolate Milk – A

Classic drink, but overpriced. 


The Healthy Drinks – C-B

All decent, but expensive. Also smells bad. 


Bubly – C

Why would you buy this instead of perrier? 


Perrier Sparkling Water – B

Very good, nice to bring to a field trip or something. 


Earth water – C

I’m not gonna buy plain water. 


Hot chocolate – B

Nice for a cold day, otherwise the taste is way too watered down



Cookies – A

Very pricey for cookies, but nice if you happen to have a sweet tooth. 


Chocolate Cookies – B

Too sweet.


Blueberry muffin – S

A certified cult classic. Not to sweet with an undercurrent of fruity tanginess. Nothing can go wrong with a blueberry muffin in your hand.


Chocolate and Banana muffin – A

The banana bread helps to give the muffin a unique flavor that compliments the chocolate. Although very sweet, it can be a great companion to coffee or tea.


Chocolate muffin – A

Can be overpowering at times, but it is generally a great option if you’re in the mood for anything heavy.


Mango Sago – A

A nice snack, but is often sold out. The quality has gone down from its glory days, but still good.

Sausage and Cheese Cup – B

Horribly overpriced, but very tasty. I’m a sucker for pepperoni and cheddar anyday.


Yogurt Parfaits – B

Barely any variance between the few. Servings of fruit are subpar on top of store bought yogurt.


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Richard Wang
Richard Wang, Staff Writer
Richard is a Grade 12 Student at St George’s School and an active member of the Saint’s Players theatre program. Although Richard started doing acting in Grade 8, he found more of a calling in the technical side of performance, taking a backstage seat behind the scenes for school productions. Richard is also an active short story writer and poet. Recently, he has been experimenting with other mediums like screenwriting and playwriting. Outside of the classroom, Richard likes crime films like The Godfather, King of New York, or Heat, but really, he’s also a big sucker for cartoons. This year Richard is both excited and tentative about delving into the unfamiliar world of journalism.

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