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The Wait is Over—Kanye West and Ty Dolla Sign Finally Release Their Album “Vultures 1”

Vultures One Album Cover


Since the release of his album “Donda” in 2020, Kanye West’s journey through the public eye and the music industry has been tumultuous to say the least. His path has been marked by a series of controversies, including anti-Semitic comments that sparked widespread outrage. These incidents led to a significant backlash, including being distanced from several major brands with which he had lucrative deals. This period in Kanye’s career saw not only a potential decline in his wealth but also a notable tarnishing of his reputation, which had been built over years of groundbreaking work in music and fashion.

Despite these challenges, Kanye West has made a notable return to the music scene with the release of his long-awaited studio album, “Vultures 1,” a collaborative effort with the immensely talented Ty Dolla Sign. The anticipation for this album reached a fever pitch after several snippets leaked, fueling fans’ excitement and setting high expectations for the project.

In this review, we delve into “Vultures 1,” exploring the tracks that stand out and why they resonate.



Being the first track on the album, “Stars” is exactly the introduction this album needed. A short song with mind-blowing vocals sampled from Dijon’s “Good Luck”. This track is not lacking in the melodic category either as Kanye and Ty Dolla Sign both had catchy verses. The one shortcoming perhaps in this song is the direction. The song at times seems to be stagnant and shallow in meaning; however, it remains a favourite of ours.


PAID (ft. K-Ci)

Third on the album, “Paid” is a Ty Dolla Sign dominant track and quite frankly, he does a spectacular job. The initial melody, while repetitive, is catchy and makes for a fairly listenable song. The outro features vocals from K-Ci, a singer most notable for being a part of the group Jodeci. Overall, this track is enjoyable due to its fun and upbeat tempo. It has a lighthearted message and is easy to dance to.


BACK TO ME (ft. Freddie Gibbs)

Kanye West’s “Back to Me” is a standout track that brilliantly marries the world of cinema with the pulsating beats of pop-infused hip-hop. The song ingeniously samples a memorable line from the cult classic film “Dogma”, transforming it into a catchy, articulate hook that resonates through the track, echoing the listener’s mind long after the song has ended. The track distinguishes itself within the album as one of the more upbeat, pop-style songs– a testament to Kanye’s versatility as an artist. The sampled phrase from “Dogma” serves as a thematic anchor, around which Kanye weaves a narrative that is both reflective and forward-looking; it acts as a leitmotif that underscores the song’s exploration of themes such as desire, loss, and the quest for redemption.


DO IT (ft. YG)

With its melodic, catchy, and easy-to-sing intro, this was one of the most highly acclaimed songs on the album. The song dominates with Ty’s prominent vocals and permeates throughout the entirety of the song. This track bends lyrical rap with catchy pop-like singing styles. Its chorus is catchy and lyrical, with elements of new rap as well as some influence from 2010s pop. The song, however, does resemble the stereotypical pop billboard style, with elements of very basic and cliché music theory in order to elicit a sense of catchiness. 



At the heart of “Burn” is its undeniable pop foundation. The track is built around a core of catchy melodies and rhythms that are impossible not to move to. The chorus, “Burnin’ like a candlelight, your love is dangerous” is simple yet evocative, capturing the song’s theme of risky love and the dangers of passion. Musically, “Burn” is a vibrant mix of pop, showcasing the artist’s versatility and willingness to experiment. The production is polished, with every beat and synth placed to perfection, ensuring that the song’s energy remains high without overshadowing the lyrical content. The balance between upbeat musicality and thought-provoking lyrics is what sets “Burn” apart, making it not just a song to dance to but also to reflect upon. 


FUK SUMN (ft. Playboi Carti & Travis Scott)

One of the more upbeat and lively songs on the album, there is a distinct trap beat in the background of this track. Overtop this bass-heavy instrumental, the artists elude to their desires; however, what makes the song a favourite of ours is the beat switches and the creative production of the track. Travis Scott and Playboi Carti are notorious for their interesting adlibs and that is no different in this entertaining track.


CARNIVAL (ft. Rich the Kid & Playboi Carti)

This is no surprise as “Carnival” is the most streamed song off the album. On this track, Kanye gets AC Milan fans to sing the background vocals and these can be heard in the intro. After that, Rich the Kid spits out a high-tempo energetic verse that completely hooks the listener in. A once popular artist who has struggled to gain an audience recently, Rich the Kid seems to have made a complete comeback. Once the audience is hooked, the beat and supporting cast do the rest. This track, simply put, is a masterpiece—one that was added to my playlist immediately.


Authors’ opinions:

Alex: This album packs a punch. Whether it’s Ty Dolla Sign with his sharp and elusive vocals, to the many experimental rhythms and beats which are played, this album is Kanye’s most unique and different out of all of them. The production — seamless and professional — blends all the talents and skills of each respective artist.

However, compared to other pieces in Ye’s discography, this album lacks the musical and rhythmic aura Kanye usually elucidates. To many fans, this album was far from his best work, saying how Kanye ‘peaked’ in popularity and skill during the mid-2010s with albums such as “My Beautiful and Dark Twisted Fantasy” and even “Life of Pablo”.

Arnav: As a single piece of art, this album stands out. From top to bottom, each track has a unique feel and provokes a different emotion from the listener. There is also direction to the album—as though it tells a story. It starts off as, perhaps the new version of Kanye, with odd references and strange verses, but as the album progresses we begin to maybe begin to see Kanye’s journey towards healing his mind. His verses and thoughts become more clear and there are obvious references to mistakes he made in the past. For fans of the Kanye of the early 2010s, there are definitely some tracks on the album that would be reminiscent of that Kanye.

Ty Dolla Sign is the structural support on this album. At times, when the song is beginning to become repetitive or stray in an odd direction, Ty Dolla comes in with his melodies and serenades the listener. Overall, I would highly recommend this album to anyone looking for new music to listen to.

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