Moon Street; Children of the Night

Havoc (Justin Low) ready to rip into Bobby (Chris Pang)

A young gang of vampires took to the stage on Monday, May 16th in the St. George’s original production of ‘Moon Street’. The musical, orchestrated and written by Mr. Robert Wisden, tells the tale of a group of teenage vampires who scour the streets at night as they hunt to survive. The show, put together under the direction of Mr. Wisden, was managed and built by the theatre production 12 class and was performed by the acting 12 class. Moon Street opened on the Monday during school hours for a matinee performance and closed that night with a 7:00pm show.

The play kicks off with unsuspecting teenage boy Bobby running away from home and winding up in Moon Street. Greeted and eventually converted by the vampire crew, Bobby is trained as a vampire and refines his hunting skills under the gentle leadership of Max (another vampire). Max, however, is revealed as longing to be human as he crushes on and fantasizes a life together with human waitress Phoebe.

Clay, vampire and best friend of Max, learns of Max’s desire for the human world and vows to expedite the return. Between standout appearances from characters ranging from a manipulative and demonic Father Beasley to a sleazy, money-hungry Ray Romero, Max and Clay entangle themselves in the human and vampire worlds as the audience witnesses the character’s plunge into madness from over-ambition and greed.

Moon Street suggests a conceptual indifference between humans and vampires as money and fame dominate the human race similarly to a vampire’s thirst for blood. Chris Pang (11) described Moon Street as “a passion project, where every cast member put in their heart and soul into every song, every line, and every dance.” He then spoke to the “incredible dedication, wit, and love for the art from Mr. Wisden that really brought it all together.”

Moon Street was positively received in the Saints community as both shows were greeted with strong audience attendance. Ray Liu (12), also spoke fondly of the show: “Moon Street really was an experience, there isn’t any other way to describe it. To see everyone so dedicated to their craft was something close to euphoric.”