Asher Jay; Raised by and for the world

Ms. Jay speaking to the boys

Rounding off Arts Week 2016’s impressive cast of characters stood Asher Jay, a creative conservationist from National Geographic. Ms. Jay spoke to the student and faculty body on Thursday, April 14th, focusing her presentation on conservation initiatives while tying in an artistic/creative flare. Born in India and currently residing in New York City, Ms. Jay has devoted her career to environmental stewardship initiatives, particularly pertaining to issues overseas.

Ms. Jay largely spoke to the ivory trade and detusking of elephants taking place overseas. Elephants whom already face potential extinction are ruthlessly detusked, and therefore sentenced to death. When asked what one living in North America can do once made aware of issues of this caliber, Ms.  Jay spoke to the significance of our purchasing power and how we’ve received the amazing education to help further the world as the next generation of young adults. Ms. Jay spoke to a social studies 11 class after the presentation where she discussed back and forth with the boys topics of various conservation initiatives and the business world.

For more on Ms. Asher Jay, read her bio here.