Go With The Flow: Improv Assembly


On Friday, April 17, 2015 the final assembly of arts week for grade 8-10’s showcased two actors from “Vancouver Theatresports League” named Graeme Duffy and Scott Patey. They explained and demonstrated improv by involving the students in their acts. There were multiple scenes performed displaying different types of improv.

One of the scenes the students enjoyed the most was a scene were Graeme and Scott chose Eric Cheng, a Grade 10 student, to help in the act. The scene was set up where Graeme and Scott were not able to move, and Eric had to control both of their body movements. The plot was about two friends going fishing, Graeme and Scott provided the talking, Eric provided the movements. The three were able to combine to create a hilarious scene for the rest of the students and teachers to enjoy.

The assembly was a very humorous and entertaining event for the grade 8-10’s to celebrate the end of arts week with.