Aaron Huey: The Man with the Golden Shoes

Aaron Huey Presentation.

As a part of St. George’s Schools annual arts week, a number of guest speakers are brought in to present to our school. Aaron Huey is most known for his National Geographic photography and his gold shoes. Mr. Huey had some remarkable stories to share with us such as his notable journey from coast to coast across America on foot with his dog Cosmo by his side. He also went on to tell us about a place he has visited numerous times since going originally while he was in college. Svanetia is a place where their language is only verbal, not written. He felt very welcomed after going back twice and has a very personal relationship with the people there. One memorable line from Mr. Huey’s discussion with are class was as follows, “You have to go so deep with the subject that they can’t not publish it”


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