Romeo and Juliet: A Play To Die For

Hayden Davies (grade 12) looking good on stage

On November 3rd, the cast of Romeo and Juliet gathered in the auditorium to perform their final rehearsal before their matinee on November 4th. “This was one of the best productions I have ever been a part of,” said Jorge Allamillio, (grade 11, stage crew) as they were preparing for dress rehearsal. Romeo and Juliet is widely considered Shakespeare’s most romantic and well-known play. On its own the play is good, but mix in an amazing director, Robert Wisden, and an equally talented cast and you have yourself a recipe for an delightful evening! Not convinced you should watch the play yet? Continue reading…

The cast is made up of students from grades 10-12 from St. George’s, Crofton House, Little Flower Academy, and York House. Romeo is played by resident thespian Hayden Davies (grade 12). Once on stage, Hayden is no longer himself. Everything about him, his walk and his talk, screams Romeo. Every time he looks at Juliet he sees his whole life, his love and his passion. This realness also carries into the characters Mercutio and Benvolio played by Jimmy Kwan (grade 11) and Aidan Chan (grade 12) respectively. The way their conversation flows is very organic, and shows just how much effort has gone into this. It adds an extra layer of reality that makes watching this production so much more intense.

The cast for Romeo and Juliet auditioned for the play before summer break. This allowed them to come back to school with their lines fully memorized. They have been working vigorously since then to perfect the play as much as possible, and it has definitely paid off. The fight scene, in particular, are very well choreographed and convincing. The show opens up with a fight scene between the Capulets and the Montagues. The sword fights are so fast that you only have time for one reaction– complete and utter awe. But the guys weren’t the only stars of the show. There are also ten girls in the cast, and they all do a fantastic job.  Juliet is played by Delaney Lathigee and by Taylor Palmer during the matinee.

The star-crossed leads have such perfect chemistry. When you see them both dead, your heart aches because the performance is so real. I highly recommend this production; I promise you that you will enjoy it.

I Laughed, I Cried! It Was Better Than Cats!

(Special thanks for Justin Low (grade 11) for the insider details)