The Hidden Cave


The Hidden Cave of darkness.


Not a single sound was heard in the dark depths of the ocean where the monstrous cave stood. The closed mouth of the cave was like an uncontrollable beast, with thousands of charcoal coloured jagged stalagmites and stalactites pointing in various directions. The toothy rocks gave off a feeling of terror that warned all fish to leave this place. The thick walls that were eroded and worn over time, casted haunting shadows over the sea floor. The soundless sea swayed above, as the fearful, colourful fish scurried out of tiny openings in the pitch black cave. Scattered small sticks, red rocks, and pink corals covered the forgotten warm soft sand. Dark green translucent seaweed lined parts of the craggily rocks and sprouted from the sea floor. The seaweed was like long dreary tentacles that reached out to grab one’s leg, pulling him/her down into utter darkness. Specs of dust floated in slow motion all around in spontaneous directions like dead men’s lost souls. The walls of the structure were covered in numerous textures of sea life that blended together in the shadows. Sharp white barnacles stubbornly clung to the tiny crevasses and spiky sea urchins had plopped themselves onto the walls of the structure. Fungal mats, bacteria, limpets, oysters and mussels were feeding off of salty algae on the lava rock. The cave was a dark pit of gloom and terror where only the grimmest and most savage creatures dwelled. The only source of light was the brilliant beam of blue that streaked its way into the small opening above the cave. This was the only sign of hope. No one would find this place, or ever witness its horror.