Opus 2014: Passages


Kaiz Bhatia

The front cover designed by Spencer Quong

Arts weeks 2014 was no different than the rest with the release of the latest edition of the Opus: Passages. Passages is 109 pages of the literary and artistic pieces created by the students. This year the Opus was led by Editor in Chief Parker Nann as well as Jack Wang, Kenneth Huang, Steven Hao, and Spencer Quong leading their respective categories such as layout, literary, and artistic. This publication would also not be released without the help of teacher sponsors Mrs. O’Connor, Ms. Jacobs and Mrs. Van Rijn.

“The opus 2014 summons you to explore your passages, your lead-in to flip through and to be in motion with the creative inspirations of various art forms. We students who pass through the halls of St. George’s School are talented with words, adept with our hands and adroit with lens and light. This book is a collection of visual and literary passages that will ensnare and entertain as you discover the passion of the authors and the artists among us.” – Parker Nann (Editor-in-Chief)