Saints’ very own rock band “Purple Lore” produces first album


The album artwork for “Melted Truth”, designed by Spencer Quong.

At the Morning Edition Grad assembly last Friday, which capped off the Arts Week presentations, our new and very own band called “Purple Lore” performed a couple of numbers. The group consists of Matthew Lee (drums), Till Tietz (Guitar), Jack Li (Vocals), and Grant Lee (Bass). They have also created an original EP album, named Melted Truth, which will be sold throughout this week for $5 an album, with proceeds going towards the Canadian Cancer Society. As Matthew Lee says, “You get five tunes for five bucks.” Seems pretty good to me! Please contact Matthew Lee for more details about purchasing an album.


Produced by Matthew Lee
Recorded and mixed by Andrew McLean
Mastered by Andrew McLean, Matthew Lee
All songs written by Matthew Lee
All lyrics written by Till Tietz and Matthew Lee
Artwork by Spencer Quong