Plenty of Sax: A Winter Mosaic 2013

The Senior concert band performing their five pieces.


The Winter Concert was a successful exhibition of talent for all of our concert bands. On the eve of December 10th, 2013, six different bands were featured in a night of exceptional music; regular classes that performed include Junior(Gr.8), Intermediate(Gr.9), and Senior  concert bands(Gr.10-12). In addition to the regular bands, extracurricular groups including Junior Jazz band, Senior Jazz band, and the Wind Ensemble also put on a spectacular performance.

Traditionally, St. George’s music program always has two major performances in the year: the Winter Concert in December and the Spring Concert in May. After a wonderful performance to end 2013, parents and students look forward to the Spring Concert in 2014.

Saints musicians worked hard to prepare for this concert. Concert band students sacrificed one of two long lunches each week to rehearse. On top of regular rehearsals, Jazz band members woke up early in the morning, twice a week before school, to rehearse and practice. The Wind Ensemble players dedicated Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons to music as well.

“The concert was very successful, and I really enjoyed the music that was played. As a member of the Senior band, I felt like our hard work really paid off. Being part of the saxophones, I think my section and I brought lots of good energy to performance.” Bill He said, a grade 10 student in Senior band.

Zach Levin, our Graphics and Design Director, who also took part in the Winter Concert, mentioned, “It’s great to see such a large part of the school community come together to play great music. We had a great diversity of styles from classical to jazz to even shredding paper!” Amusingly, the Grade 9 concert band ended their portion with a piece called Paper Cut, by Alex Shaprio, which involved ripping and snapping paper to create the piece’s rhythm.

Surprisingly, the Wind Ensemble made a guest appearance, performing an unrehearsed piece, Russian Sailors’ Dance, by Reinhold Gliere. Although the performance was not expected, their dedication and exceptional talent made the job seem easy.

Huge thanks to Mr. Rnic, Dr. Markel, Mr. Birney, and Mr. Murray!

Good job to all the musicians! Music is truly one of Saint’s fortes!