Brad: The Art Lad

Today I was able to catch up with Brad Wenzel. He’s fairly new to visual art, but has quickly become familiar with the art form.

Creed: Hi Brad! How are you this fine morning?

Brad: Hey! I’m good, how about you?

Creed: I’m good, thanks for asking! Let’s get right into the interview. How long have you been practising Visual Arts?

Brad: I’ve always loved to draw, and I’ve been doodling in my notebook for years; but this is the first year I’ve done visual arts [as an elective] at this school.

Creed: Have you ever done any other form of arts here at St. George’s?

Brad: Yeah, I was in band in both Grade 8 and 9, but I had to stop because of Discovery 10.

Creed: That sounds fun! How’d you like Discovery 10?

Brad: I really enjoyed it. It showed me the vast beauty of nature. During our trips, I used to draw in my sketchbook every night, and that’s what got me started in visual arts at this school.

Creed: How do you think you’ve improved your skills in drawing and painting over the year?

Brad: Just a lot of practise. There’s nothing really to it; you just gotta go out and do it! Also, having a good mentor helps a lot when you don’t really know where you’re going.

Creed: Who was you mentor this year?

Brad: Just the students and teachers in general; they were really helpful.

Creed: Any words of advice for someone thinking of doing arts at this school?

Brad: Just practice and refine your skill. Also ask the people around you for advice and what they think. What you think is right might not be the same for someone else. So when you ask someone else, it helps build towards what you want to do; it really helps a lot.

Creed: And now, for the #CreedExclusive Question; If you had to paint your face any neon colour, what colour would it be? And why?

Brad: Umm, I’ve never really though about it. Maybe a neon purple, just because I it would look really interesting! It’s also a very vibrant colour so it’ll catch people’s eyes.

Creed: That’s a pretty good choice! Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for taking time out of class for being with us!

Brad: No worries, I really enjoyed it!