Sebastian: Is He Dead?


Eshan Cheema

He Is Number Juan

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Sebastian Lopez Steven (Grade 11). He is one of the stage crew members in the production of “Is He Dead?”

Creed: Thanks for taking time out of your busy rehearsal schedule to meet with us!

Sebastian: Haha! No problem!

Creed: So, how’s the play going so far?

Sebastian: It’s very tiring and technical, but I’m really enjoying the experience. And from my end it’s looking pretty good.

Creed: Is this your first year as stage crew?

Sebastian: No, technically it’s my second year but this year is my first year in Stage Craft [the elective].

Creed: What do you think of the new Stage Manager for the middle school play, Jorge Alamillo?

Sebastian: I’m very impressed by Jorge!  He’s the kind of guy that has time for both jokes over the [radios] and serious work. It’s just great to have someone like that on the show.

Creed: Get ready, because it’s time for the #CreedExclusive Question! You ready?

Sebastian: Yup, hit me!

Creed: I shall… Would you rather have a duck sized horse or a horse sized duck? And why?

Sebastian: I would definitely take a duck sized horse. Mostly because a duck can bite and horses don’t.

Creed: Any last words you would like to leave our readers with?

Sebastian: Yeah, try to find a passion and then share it or experience it with a group [of people] because right now that’s what I’m doing and it really just enhances it all. Also, make sure you come out and see the play; you won’t regret it!

Creed: All right, that pretty much wraps it up.  Once again, thanks for being with us!

Sebastian: No problem!  Anytime!