Staff Profile – Ms. Gin

Ms. Sandra Gin taught English and Literature at McNair Secondary School in Richmond, BC for 7 years before coming to St. George’s School to teach in 2012. She has now taught English 8, 11, 12, and AP English and Journalism 11/12 for 3 years at St. George’s School. Ms. Gin’s favorite part about teaching at St. George’s and teaching St. George’s students is, “… the amount of passion that students and staff have for the school and for learning. There are so many like minded people in terms of teachers and how much effort they put in and then the students how much they put in and how rewarding to see how boys get so much out of their education.” She also mentions her hobbies. Her favorite hobby is doing power and hot yoga. Ms. Gin was a crossfitter until she tore her Achilles tendon last year. She hopes to get back into it soon.

Everyone has had happy and sad memories. Ms. Gin’s happiest moment is when she rescued her dog, Lola, and bringing her to a forever-loving home. Her sad moment in her life, was when she tore her Achilles Tendon last year. She was recruited to the University of Hawaii on a cheerleading scholarship and had to give up her dream of cheering at one of the best schools in the States. It took eight months for her Achilles Tendon to heal.

Now onto Ms. Gin’s biggest influences on her life. Her literary influences include Shakespeare, and Yann Martel (Author of Life of Pi) because they both taught her the strength of the written word and the importance of imagination. She also mentions that she has had an incredible mentor when she was learning how to teach.  She taught Ms. Gin her philosophy of education, which is still something she tries to emulate. Ms. Gin says that she owes most of her teaching success to her mentor. Finally, her inspiration is her students. When she started teaching, she learned how fulfilling it was to watch someone grow and reach their potential. It is the most humbling experience of her life and is the reason why she choose to pursue her career.

The most important lessons Ms. Gin has learned in life so far is that “you should never stop learning, that the things you think you want in your youth are not very valuable in the big picture, and that you can’t control others or nature; you can only control your own life, and happiness comes from within—not from other people, places or things.”

Ms. Gin is most proudest of being crowned Miss BC in 2009 and to be able to represent the province [British Columbia] for a year.  She said that it was an honor to be role model and an ambassador to young women. It took her way out of my comfort zone and gave her a platform to do some amazing charitable work.

Furthermore, Ms. Gin mentions her favorite memory at St. George’s thus far, “My favorite memory so far is when I injured my Achilles last fall; I was in a wheelchair for a little bit and I took my Grade 12 class outside to fly kites for our kite runner unit. I couldn’t participate because I was in a wheelchair. At the end of their kite-flying extravaganza, they wheeled me out onto the field and pushed me around as I held a kite. I thought it was really special and cool that the Grade 12’s wanted me to participate in the fun as well. “

In conclusion, Ms. Gin would like to in the future, travel the world. The next destinations on her list are: Bali, Boracay, and Morocco. She would also like to become a certified yoga teacher.