A Celebrated Athlete: Owen Pitblado


Owen and the first XV after a rugby game.



St. George’s academic excellence has always been one of its distinguished fortes. While not as notorious, St. George’s athletics has also been one of its most celebrated strengths. St. George’s School has nurtured many exceptional athletes and one of them is Owen Pitblado, a grade 12 student.

Owen came to Saints in grade three and his passion for sports intensified as a result of the outstanding athletics program St. George’s School provides for its students. Throughout his high school career, Owen has been involved in rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, soccer, basketball, cross country and skiing. When asked about his thoughts on the athletics’ program and his experience, Owen said: “I think sports at saints has really shaped me into the person I have become.”

Owen also gave credits to St. George’s athletic programs for helping him transform into the successful athlete he is today. The values and integrities that St. George’s infuses into its student body is also the reason why Owen has become such a well-rounded sought-after athlete. As he stated during our conversation, “I can say that I have learned more about living and being a fine young man through sports than in the classroom. The values such as teamwork, hardwork, dedication, resilience, and respect are just some of what you gain through sport.”

He also wanted to remind follow St. Georgians not to take the school’s athletic programs for granted. The programs will only stay strong if student athletes continue to show respect and dedication. “The experience that St. George’s offers through their strong athletic program is something that should not be taken for granted and always cherished. Being a member of the Sr. Rugby team for 2 years now has really helped me build lasting relationships with friends, teammates, and pretty much brothers.”

Owen will be travelling to Poland this summer to represent the U20 Canadian National Team for ultimate at the World Junior Ultimate Championship. After St. George’s, he will be heading to the University of Western Ontario to pursue his rugby career.