The Rigg Scholarship Assembly: Recognizing the Artists

Every year, Art Week concludes with the Rigg Scholar assembly that not only recognizes the previous Rigg Scholars, but congratulates the new scholars on their accomplishments. There are also “Honorary Rigg Scholars” who are grads that have displayed significant effort and commitment to an art and are recognized for their dedication with a Rigg scholarship.


This year’s Rigg Scholars winners are:


Visual Arts:

Caius Chew

Tony Wang

Kellan Woo



Ryan Cheng

Rhys French

Luke Lu

Wesley Ng

Steven Zhang


Theatre Arts:

Jared Bakonyi – Acting

Michael Lau – Acting

Brogan Csinger – Technical

Rhys French – Technical

Frank Sandoval Macias – Technical

Griffin Smith – Technical

Andrew Bagshaw – TVP


This year’s Honorary Rigg Scholar’s are:


Visual Arts:

Daniel Zhu

Davis Zhu



Christopher Chan

Nicolas Jaeger

Brian Riback

Edison Tse


Theatre Arts:

Ray Liu – Acting

Justin Low – Acting

Marek Ormerod – Technical

Henry Chung – Technical

Sam Turner – Technical

Sebastian Steven – Technical


Congratulations to all the Rigg Scholars and best of luck to everyone working towards achieving the accomplishment next year!