Jamie MacKay, Master Ceramist

Jamie Mackay in his favourite room in the school

Jamie Mackay is a Grade 11 St. George’s student who is very passionate about ceramics. This year he applied for Rigg Scholarship, and although he didn’t receive a Rigg Scholarship, his pieces were recognized as some of the best in the School.  Jamie started ceramics in Grade 8, when he came to the school, and has been heavily involved in the ceramics ever since. I had a chance to catch up with Jamie and ask him a few questions about his art.

R: When did you start ceramics, and why did you sign up for it?
J: I started in Grade 8, after signing up for ceramics class. I signed up because it looked like a lot of fun and I didn’t know a lot about it. I definitely don’t regret it.

R: Which one of your pieces has been your favourite?
J: My favourite is the vase covered in objects from the sea [Image 1]. I worked hard on it, and it received a recognition of excellence, which I’m very proud of. I also like my piece on display in the cabinet in the Great Hall. It was one of my first big piece and I believe it turned out well.

R: What do you plan to do with your skill in ceramics in the future?
J: I think it’ll be a lifelong hobby for me. I enjoy ceramics and making pieces is something I think I’ll always enjoy.

R: Any tips for aspiring ceramists out there?
J: Anyone can do it. It’s just about putting in effort and practicing. Sign up for a class, or better yet, the ceramics program at the school. Come in to the ceramics lab at lunches. Any time you can put into it will help you get better and better, and you can go from there.


Jamie’s pieces are on display in the Great Hall, and he can be seen in action almost every long lunch in the Ceramics Lab, so be sure to check out his pieces or go see him in action!