Bard on the Beach hosts to Grade 11 classes

On the warm and sunny afternoon of Sept. 10th, the Grade 11 English classes travelled to Vanier Park and watched a production of Hamlet at Bard on the Beach. The production provided the students with a healthy understanding of the themes and concepts as the Grade 11s will be studying Hamlet later on in the year. The play was both intriguing and enjoyable for all who attended.

The Grade 11s were privileged to see such an outstanding piece of work this afternoon. Being one of Shakespeare’s longest plays, Hamlet’s three hour performance was entertaining all throughout its two acts. Shakespeare has always been famous for using a simple stage to convey each idea. The stage at Bard on the Beach, however, is a completely furnished and decorated set. The shoreline view just beyond the theatre created a relaxing and genuine atmosphere for the performers and audience.

There were many themes that were touched upon in the play, including themes of love, greed, death, and justice. These are all themes that we deal with today and Shakespeare, being the wordsmith that he his, delivers these concepts with the utmost beauty and grace. Many questions arise from performances of Hamlet, but there is one that still peruse the minds of many people today.

“To be, or not to be? That is the question.”