2017 Road To Ross

On February 23rd, 2017 the St. George’s School Junior Varsity hockey team traveled to Langford, British Columbia to compete in the annual Ross Cup. The Ross Cup tournament lasted for three days and was held at Kerry Park Ice Rink, located outside of Langford in a small town named Mill Bay.  The Junior division consisted of  four teams, two from St. George’s School and two from Brentwood School.    The three teams that participated from St. George’s School stayed at Bear Mountain Hotel.

In their first game of the tournament, the Saints Junior Varsity team first played against the Saints under-14 team.  The Junior Varsity team easily won the game 5 to 0.  The second junior varsity game was against Brentwood A. The St. George’s School Junior Varsity team commandingly defeated Brentwood A with a tremendous 8 to 1 victory, resulting in the the JV team placing first in the division.   To conclude the round-robin portion of the tournament The St. George’s School JV team beat Brentwood B 16 to 1.

Finishing in first place in the round robin table allowed the JV team to watch the under-14 team play Brentwood A to decide who would be their competition during the finals.  The under 14 team won 6-3, resulting in a final match-up between the Saints Junior Varsity team and the Saints under-14 team.  In the previous three meetings between both St. George’s teams the JV team held two wins and one loss, losing in the finals of the Saints Challenge Cup.  In the finals, Trevor Wong, the Saints under-14 team’s star player was absent as were three Junior Varsity starters.

This tough final match-up ended with a 4 to 2 victory to the St. George’s School Junior Varsity team.  Scoring for the JV team were Isaac Dorner (1), Denver Fatt (1), Jack Abramovich (1) and Ryan Freeman (1).  Congratulations to both teams on having a very successful tournament.