Saints Vs. VC

St. George’s crowd

On Wednesday, January 18th, the first basketball game of the Saints vs. Vancouver College series took place. The game was held at VC for the sole purpose of finding out who’s the better team.

Following a big win from the grade 10’s, the Varsity teams took to the gym. The room was roaring with both schools chanting in support. The game started off slow and steady for each team, although Saints lead by a sizeable amount for the majority of the 1st quarter. As the game entered the second quarter, Saints began to lose a bit of its momentum. With a few lucky buckets being scored by VC,  Saints continued to drop in the 3rd quarter, falling 21 points behind VC by the end of the quarter. At the start of the 4th quarter all hope seemed lost for Saints. Although Saints fought back with fury and managed to scrape to within six points of VC. The Saint’s fans were cheering hard and backing up the team with all its might. Unfortunately for St. Georges they didn’t manage to break through VC’s tough wall of defense. As hard as Saints tried they could not bring home the W for saints. On February 8th, Saints will take on VC once more for another much anticipated game.