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A Swimmer’s Story

Tristan Taylor
Star swimmer, Bill Lin, grade 11

Recently Bill Lin, a grade 11 star swimmer on the St. George’s swim team, broke a school record, solely because he thought it was breakable.

Bill started swimming at age twelve, which is different than most swimmers. Brandon D’Acosta, an exceptional grade eleven swimmer, started swimming at age seven, for example. Bill never planned on being a swimmer since he was originally a runner.  However, when asked why he didn’t continue running he replied, “Swimming seemed more fun!”

Bill trains eight times a week, is in the pool at 5:20am and swims for two to three hours per practice. He is proud of what he does as an athlete and what he has accomplished.

Q: How long have you trained for the Regionals meet in particular?

Bill: I have trained very rigorously for two weeks. Two days prior, I tapered down, which means the practices were slightly easier.

Q: Where was this meet?

Bill: It was at the UBC pool.

Q: Why were you selected to swim in this meet? How did you place?

Bill: Everyone on the swim team went to this meet, and everyone got to swim, but only a few will be selected to swim at the high school provincials. Only the top five for an individual event and the top two relays for a school are selected.

Q: What events did you compete in at this swim meet?

Bill: I competed in the individual medley and the team relays.

Q: What was significant to you at this meet?

Bill: Well at the past meet I had almost broken the past individual medley record of 2:15.69, but unfortunately at the past meet I swam at 2:18.7. But this time, I swam a record breaking 2:14.79 which is 0.9 seconds faster than the previous St. George’s record!

Q: Why do you train so hard?

Bill: Once I have a goal in mind, I will often try my best to work for it. My long term goal is not just breaking a school record; it is to achieve the senior nationals swimming standard. Getting this standard would mean that I could participate in the Olympic trials and national and world competitions!

Q: Your  future goal would be to eventually be in the Olympics and be a National swimmer, then?

Bill: Yes, that would be my ultimate swimming goal.

Q: Do you plan on applying for a swimming scholarship for university?

Bill: I might apply for scholarship recruitment, depending on how far I can go.

As you can see, it is apparent that Bill Lin is an extremely determined swimmer and overall athlete. He is a prime example of what our school’s four pillars stand for. We look forward to hearing the results of the high school provincial swim meet!



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About the Contributor
Tristan Taylor
Tristan Taylor, Staff Writer
Tristan Taylor is originally from Toronto, Ontario, but he moved to Vancouver when he was four years old. He currently attends St.Georges and is in his grade eleven year. Tristan has a wide variety of interests including rap battling, beatboxing and acting. Besides having hobbies in entertainment, Tristan one day hopes to become a detective for the Calgary Police Force. Detective work interests Tristan as he has a strong passion for justice. Tristan has an interest in English and especially enjoys his English eleven courses. Outside of school, Tristan pursues entrepreneurial feats by being a middle man in a clothing company. On weekends, Tristan enjoys shooting pool downtown with close friends. Things Tristan wishes to improve on this year are his GPA and his leadership role in the school. Tristan strongly believes that "there's always something else waiting around the corner."  Believing in this helps him never stay down for long.

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  • M

    msginNov 6, 2012 at 9:00 pm

    Awesome interview! I teach Bill Lin and I had no idea that he was so involved in competitive swimming! Thank you for the informative and interesting article!