The Future is Now?

Ever since the movie “Back To The Future II” was released in 1989, people have wondered if it would ever be possible to create a hover board, which Micheal J. Fox’s character famously rode during the movie. Now, this dream has become a reality. After a prank by the “Funny or Die” comedy site convinced the public that hover boards had been created by fictitious company HUVrTech in February 2014, the Arx Pax company decided to create the Hendo Hover, a real working hover board. Just as in the Funny or Die video, this video above features legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk testing out the new-age toy.

The product does come at a high end price tag. All 11 of the working hover boards made have been pre-sold for the hefty price of $10,000. The product will officially be presented at an exclusive event on October 21st, 2015, which is also the date that Marty, Doc, and Jennifer come “back to the future” in the famed film.

Check out the Hendo Hover Kickstarter campaign here