Grumpy Cat: More Than a Meme

If you thought that the Grumpy Cat meme was just a simple internet fad, then you are quite mistaken. Since being posted on the social news website Reddit in 2012, Grumpy Cat, or Tardar Sauce as her owner calls her, has risen to pop culture fame. This world famous cat has been featured in places such as the covers of The Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine, the pages of Forbes and Time, and on a large array of television programs, including Good Morning America, American Idol, and The Bachelorette. Grumpy Cat has also had 2 best selling books produced, and appeared at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

Now, Grumpy Cat is jumping into the movie business with her very own feature film. “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”, which is produced by the Lifetime TV network, will debut November 29th, 2014 on cable television. Check out the trailer above!