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Moustache Mania—Movember at Saints!

Reflecting on the action packed month
Liam Hughes
Moustaches around the school. Pictured left to right. Top: Masih Azizi Arab, Gustavo Carrillo, Mr. Soril. Bottom: Henry Jagger, Mr. Klassen, Jared Chin

November is a month often associated with misery. The weather is terrible, the fall leaves have disappeared and days are short. Within this, however, is something important: Movember. Movember is an annual event designed to spread awareness on the topic of men’s health. This includes areas such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide. At St. George’s School, due to the student population consisting of strictly boys, this is an important subject to discuss and raise awareness about.


This year, the Health and Wellness Prefects Prad Chebolu ‘24 and Evan Palmer ‘24 took on the challenge of organizing a month full of activities promoting wellness to engage the Saints community. Perhaps the most prominent one was the moustache-growing contest. Every student in the school was given the challenge to grow the best moustache they could over the entire month of November. In the end, the students with the fullest staches were awarded a prize. The moustache is the main symbol behind the movement. It provides a visual representation of men’s health positivity. Images of the best moustaches can be seen scattered throughout this article. 

Evan Palmer ’24 leading a boxing session

Along with the contest, there were a plethora of events throughout the month. These included  “Motalks”, karaoke, and even a boxing session. The Motalk, as described by Prefect Evan Palmer 24’, is an “informal space where students can gather to discuss vulnerable topics that are often not brought up in an all-boys school, such as St. George’s. Our peers are able to connect with their emotions that they previously would not be willing to accept. More importantly, what’s said in the room stays in the room.” The other activities strongly encouraged wellness and exercise. For example, the boxing session, pictured on the right, allowed students an opportunity to take their minds off the struggles they had been dealing with and release some tension.


Liam Hughes ’24 with a great effort on his moustache

Overall, the goal of Movember is to provide men with a safe space to openly express their feelings without judgment. It’s about nurturing an environment where everyone is appreciated in their respective interests regardless of whether they excel in academics, athletics, or the arts. When reflecting on this year’s Movember, Prefect Prad Chebolu 24’ said, “Personally, Movember encouraged me to be vulnerable and open with my peers, which helped me forge stronger bonds. It was definitely a success this year.” Ultimately, this is the most important facet of the event—to help men express their feelings. As UFC fighter Paddy Pimblet once said, “I know I’d rather they cry on my shoulder than go to his funeral next week.” 


Now that Movember is over, it is important to remember that its message remains: vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. It is not unmanly to express oneself and admit to struggles. Most importantly, stay healthy and remember that you are loved.


You only have 11 months to grow a moustache for next year!

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Arnav Modi
Arnav Modi, Staff Writer
Arnav is a senior and a lifer at St. George’s School. An avid reader and writer, he is thrilled to be writing for The Echo! Passionate about music and basketball, Arnav has immersed himself in both the arts and athletics departments at the school. Outside of school, he spends his time working as a tennis coach and volunteering at the local library. If he is not being scolded by his mother, you can probably find Arnav playing basketball, lifting very light weights, or sleeping in an awkward position. 
Liam Hughes
Liam Hughes, Staff Writer
Liam is a senior at St. George’s School and has been a student here for seven years. He is passionate about writing and English and is thrilled to be a part of Journalism this year! Liam is very active in the arts around the school and can often be found around the theatre. He has done several plays in his time at Saints, ranging from Les Misérables to the Wizard of Oz. He is also a dedicated member of student government as the Arts Prefect. Outside of school, Liam enjoys acting, reading, and spending quality time with friends.

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