Saints Cafe: Are the prices worth it?


Ryan Sangha

The Cafe’s famous Strawberry Smoothie.

The Cafe at St. George’s School has played a major role on feeding the students during school. The cafe is a safe place where students can purchase warm or cold food from without needing to leave the campus or pack a bagged lunch. The company Sodexo, which supplies the hot lunch program, also supplies the food for the cafe and hiring staff to run shop.

Over the years, Sodexo has been a reliable source of food for the St. George’s Senior boys being open everyday for all 5 of my years at the Senior School. The Cafe is open from 7:45 am to 4 pm every school day. Personally, I believe that the quality of food sold at the Cafe is phenomenal. However, comparing the younger years from the older years of being at the Senior School, I have noticed that the cookies have gone up 25 cents in price and the flavour has become less chocolatey. This makes me very sad because when I was younger what I would look forward too in my day was a double chocolate cookie.

A new product to the Cafe is the strawberry smoothies. Smoothies cost $4.50 and are a big hit in the Senior School. St. George’s Student Roi says “best thing on the menu.” The smoothies has increased the volume of customers.