iPhone 6s vs Samsung s6

Considering how much people use their phone a day, companies are constantly improving their products to meet people’s expectations. I personally have both the Samsung s6 and iPhone 6s. I switched from my Samsung s6 to iPhone 6s in the last couple weeks because the iPhone is much more popular. In a recent poll 6 people voted for Apple as their favourite brand and 2 people voted for Android. Despite its popularity, Samsung has a better camera. The camera has a power 16MP snapper with optical image stabilization. Also, its full of many options and strong in almost all conditions. I still switched because I don’t care much about the camera and more about the speed. One thing you can count on in Apple’s iPhone 6s is its new A9 processor which gives it a significant boost over most phones. From the pros and cons between both phones at the end of the day the iPhone 6s is a more useful phone with better specs.

iPhone 6s beside Samsung s6