Apple iWatches

Within the past week, the long awaited Apple iWatches were made available for pre-order. There has been outrage from some people due to the prices some of the upper range, “iWatch Edition” watches are selling for. They range from the cheapest iWatch Editions selling at $10000 being a 38mm 18-karat gold case with a sport band, all the way to a 38mm, 18-karat yellow gold case, with a bright modern red buckle, going for $17000.

Most people feel that Apple is trying to rip everyone off with these upper class iWatches. However, I don’t feel the same, in fact I think it is not nearly as bad of pricing as people are making it out to be (I’m not trying to advise you to go out and spend $17,000 for the iWatch, I’m just trying to justify the price). For example, there are Rolex watches that go for the same prices, and some for even higher, yet they don’t do much besides telling the time. These iWatches are doing much more than that, telling you if someone is calling, if someone is messaging you, your location and directions on google map, what music you’re listening to and much more. Aswell as they come in 18-karat gold.

Of course, you don’t have to go for these really expensive iWatches, there are other options too. For example, starting at $349.99 the “iWatch Sport” watches come in silver aluminum case and a sport band. They have all the same features as the other iWatches, but just don’t look as pricey.

In between these two versions is what is known as the “Apple iWatch” they start at $549.99 and go up to $1049.99. There is quite a lot of variety with these iWatches when it comes to designs (look at photo gallery above to see some of their designs). These iWatches, have the same features as the other two versions of the Apple watches, yet have their own unique designs.

Overall, I think these are a great addition to the apple products, and will be quite useful to the user. Although the “iWatch edition” watches are quite pricey, I don’t feel they are outrageous and trying to rip people off, they are just for people who have that type of money to spend on an iWatch. However, if you are looking for something to put on your wrist that has a bit of design and much more use to it than a normal watch, the Apple iWatch Sport and Apple iWatch would be great choices to purchase.