Ed Sheeran’s Birthday!

Ed Sheerans Birthday!

Born on February 17th 1991 is the new uprising UK singer: Ed Sheeran. Ed started playing guitar at a young age, showing an early promise as a musical talent. Soon after he was 11, Ed met the singer Damien Rice on one of his shows and inspired Ed to be one of the most famous musicians today. At only 14 years old, Ed produced sis first album, The Orange Room, which was released in 2005. After many EPs and live shows as well as touring with some famous musicians such as Jamie Foxx, Ed finally signed a music contract with Atlantis after they caught a glimpse of his musical talent shown live and on the charts. His latest album, X, topped #1 in 12 countries, it is also the most streamed album this year (more than 430 million streamed)! Happy 24th birthday Ed.