Final Destination

I’ve been searching for so long, and I’m tired of waiting. The desire is still strong, although I’ve been aging. So many years without any success; this was an issue I had to address. I was looking for a piece of history, never uncovered by man. I pondered and pondered, came up with a plan. I took off the next day, leaving my past in a blur. My body was wearing down, and with my quest it would not concur. Onto my journey, I dare not slumber, for I knew quite well that my days were now numbered.

Weeks had passed, and I had gathered new knowledge. People and places I must acknowledge. I gathered my intel and pieced it all together, what I then discovered would go down in history forever. I was one step closer from reaching my goal. Happiness filled up inside of me, it enlightened my soul. I looked through these Holy Scriptures, perused its readings. Now the only part left was to follow its heeding. I travelled quickly, as I had little time left. Approaching a cave, I felt like I was going to face death. But when I found what I was looking for, the feeling shook away all my stress. Adrenaline pumping through my body, I put my life to the test. I was light on my feet, I still gave a fight. The desire and want just gave me more might.

Finding a clearing, with the sun passing rays through cracks in the walls; there were alcoves above producing glistening streams of waterfall. But this was not what most caught my eye. In the middle of the room was a rock formation, which could have only come from the heavenly skies. Golden water leaked through it, spilling from the top. Something so magnificent could never be stopped.  I took a couple steps forward before clutching my chest. My other arm reached forward as I came to a final rest. As golden water pooled around me, what was once legend now became truth. The only ironic part about that was that I had dropped dead at the steps of the Fountain of Youth.