Sodexo Lunches—The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Chris Guo 24 enjoying his Sodexo lunch
Chris Guo ’24 enjoying his Sodexo lunch
Alan McLachlan

How would you react to having to feed 1000 people for lunch? Seems like quite a daunting task—one that Sodexo conquers every day. This task is not to be taken for granted, not only is it vital for our performance on a daily basis, but it is also a privilege. Reflecting on this idea as a school community would allow us to develop more respect and compassion for the work that Sodexo does for us.

Most of us eat Sodexo on a daily basis. Some love it, some hate it. Given that Sodexo is our primary food provider, opinions and thoughts on the food that they serve are plentiful. Therefore, to get a deeper insight into what students and faculty alike enjoy most from Sodexo I decided to ask them some questions. 

The main question that I asked our community was: What is your favourite and least favourite Sodexo lunch dish?

I asked these questions to get a better understanding of possible popular dishes and unpopular ones from different perspectives. As for me, I see most dishes as being on the same level.

The results were surprisingly scattered. Many people such as Ms. Shrestha and David Kan ’24, commented that they preferred the Chicken Curry, and really didn’t like the dishes that included salmon. While other people commented that they enjoyed Fish Tacos or Burgers. 

Based on my conversations with the community, I concluded that the top three most loved Sodexo dishes overall are: the Chicken Curry dishes, Pasta dishes, and the Burgers. While the least liked dishes are, the Salmon dishes, Pork loin, and Shepherd’s Pie.

Through this experience patterns of love and dislike shine through the halls of the school when it comes to Sodexo lunches. However, everyone values their daily Sodexo experience differently, leading to many different opinions on the matter as a whole. I had many encounters where a decisive decision on which dish was the best or the worst was challenging, as they “all taste the same” seemed to be a common idea.

Sodexo’s Values

The fact of the matter is that feeding the majority of the student population, faculty, and staff, is no easy task. Through this challenge, Sodexo strives to create meals that enhance its message of  “Powering Performance”. Once this has been better understood I believe that the school community will be able to better understand and respect the food that Sodexo produces for all of us.

If it were not for the undeniable efforts of the Sodexo staff, the majority of us would not be able to function daily. I urge everyone to greet and thank them with a smile when you see them around the school or after being served lunch.


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