5 Years On: How Has Grade 7 Changed

In the summer of 2013 the Grade 7 neighborhood underwent a compete overhaul aimed at making classrooms “21st century learning” friendly. However, the changes made also include a rebuilding of the grade 7 neighborhood. Over all the changes have alerted the culture of the grade 7’s away from the conventional style that the Class of 2018 had and shifted it toward a freer structure. Seeing how things changed questions



The old classrooms were physically demolished during the summer following the departure of the class of 2018. New walls were built following a more “open” design in which movement between the rooms was eaiers and spaces for interior windows were made. One classroom was even turned into an open space “commons” area for students to meet in during the morning and for grade assemblies. The aim of the new space was to make students feel lies constricted and like they had freedom to move around, giving them a tastiest of the freedom at the senior school. The old class room style was heavily criticized by the Class of 2018 who felt that the Grade 7 space was too traditional and felt more like a “cell”. The changes made allow for more natural light and create a stronger community environment with boys having more inter-homeroom time than ever before.

Big Brothers:


Grade 7’s have a tradition visit the senior school for their grade 8 orientation in April. The class of 2018 did their tour of the senior school and their full orientation over one day. This year’s grade 11’s did the same with a small change; they stayed in contact with their orientation guides, also known as Big Brothers brothers. This was done to create a longer lasting and real relationship between the grade 7’s and the senior school. Events between Big Brothers and Grade 7’s took place every Friday morning and included Kahoots, games, and Q & A’s. The change here is that next year’s grade 8’s will actually have a sense of belonging at the senior school. Many students from the Class of 2018 said coming to the senior school was like “getting dropped in the middle of the ocean”. These changes indicate the effort made to make community the core principal of the Grade 7 Neighborhood.


Cultural Change:


When asked about Grade 7, the class of 2018 often said they felt awkward and claimed it was a “big year for changes” and that it only “sometimes” went well socially. From what Big Brothers and Grade 7’s said, that will continue – it’s just apart of being in Grade 7. However, what has changed in a major way is the general culture under the token “Fail Fast, Fail Early” which pushes students to live without making marks and perfection a burden. The change between our grade and theirs is that they are encouraged to be Grade 7’s and not soon to be Grade 8’s. The motto is printed in a bright red font on the wall above all the students to ensure it says relevant and important to the boys.