We Don’t Have A Title. Why? Because We Can: Teacher Assembly 2018


Christopher Ma

Backhouse Tweede Overdrive plays as they welcome people to the first ever Teacher Assembly (BTO Members: Mr. Backhouse, Mr. Tweedle, Mr. Wisden, Mr. Forseth and Mr. Daniels)

As the term comes to an end, both students and teachers start showing signs of fatigue as assignments and report cards start piling up. Both find themselves counting down to the end of the term and the start of spring break. However, this festive holiday has not yet arrived, and both are left to find other forms of entertainment which will keep them busy until the long-awaited day is here.

On the 5th of March, both teachers and students gathered together for the first ever Teacher’s Assembly. “Why? Because we can.” The usual Monday formal assembly was replaced with an hour of fun.

As the students first walked in, unaware of the surprise they were about to witness, they were welcomed by loud music played by the teacher band “Backhouse Tweedle Overdrive”. And as the music faded, the Teacher’s Assembly officially began.

The event was hosted by Mr. Taylor and Mr. Proznick, who introduced the teacher’s assembly by telling a few jokes as well as showing a video message from a teacher that left Saints last year, Mr. Hersey, who updated his former students and colleagues about what he was doing now. After the video was the first skit, titled “Thank You Letters”, acted out by our very own headmaster, Dr. Mathews.

Our hosts for the Teacher Assembly, Mr. Taylor, and Mr. Proznick

In this skit, Dr. Matthews wrote satirical thank you notes to different icons around the school. He wrote notes to Bubble tea, our head boy, and even the takeout ban just to name a few. This was met with a room full of gasps and laughter as the students were introduced to a new side of Dr. Matthews that they had never seen before.

Christopher Ma
The first skit of the Assembly: Thank you letters, by our very own headmaster, Dr. Matthews

In the spirit of Grad Assemblies, the teachers then moved on to ‘look-alikes’, but with their own twist. Quite a few of the male teachers in the school are starting to go bald or are already bald, so the teachers decided to have a fun little game with it. This was the pride of Mr. Proznick as he was the one who organized the visuals for the event. There were many teachers shown in the slideshow, including others who still have their hair, but had a funny photo at home! Below are some of The Creed’s favorites! 

After all the students had settled down from the shocking photos, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Proznick introduced BTO’s first song, “Don’t Stop Believing” with Mr. Wisden singing, Mr. Forseth on the drums, Mr. Daniels and Mr. Backhouse on the guitars, and Mr. Tweedle on the keyboard. It was really a moment that brought the whole school together, with some students even pulling out their phones and waving their arms along with the song.

Christopher Ma
BTO’s lead singer, Mr. Wisden singing “Don’t Stop Believing” while rocking on the guitars

Even before the assembly, Mr. Taylor was legendary for his amazing impersonation abilities. However, at this assembly, he teamed up with Damian Hu, a grade 10 student in the Express cohort to sing a song as Stewie and Peter Griffin, characters from the popular TV show “Family Guy”.  

Mr. Taylor doing impersonations with Grade 10 Express student Damian Hu

The assembly ended with the athletics department showering the student body with candies of all shapes and brands. For many of the boys, this was the highlight of the event, despite the outrageous hilarity that flowed throughout the assembly. 

Backstage, Mr. Proznick gave an interview to the Creed, sharing some insight into the thought process behind the assembly. According to Mr. Proznick, the idea was inspired by a similar event at Crofton House where students had the opportunity to see a  different side of the staff. According to many students there, this was the highlight of the year for them. Mr. Proznick shared that he and Mr. Taylor started to prepare for this assembly about a month in advance and announced that students should looking forward to another teacher assembly later in the year. It will follow the same basic structure, with the band and lots of humor. Unwilling to give too much away, Mr. Proznick also mentioned that a staff talent showcase might be happening at the next teacher assembly.

In the end, many of the students were pleased with the inaugural Teacher Assembly. With another Grad assembly after Spring Break, some students will definitely be looking forward to the end of their Spring Break.