Stress at St. George’s


Photo Creds: American Psychological association

As we move towards a more democratic and socially righteous society, people such as myself may think stress would decrease throughout the world. Sadly that thinking would be incorrect. According to NBC News “About 31 percent of kids said their stress level had increased in the past year, twice as many as those who said it went down. And 34 percent said they expected their stress level would rise in the coming year.” This NBC News article can be found at How does stress affect us at St. Georges? Well The Creed went investigating.


From Grade 8 to 12 it seemed like everyone had experienced or is presently experiencing some form of stress. Grade 8 and 9’s however tend to feel less stress throughout the year. Grade 10 student David Guo had this to say about his stress level in Grade 9, “There was less stress overall, I didn’t care as much as I do now.” The element of not caring so much about school seemed to be quite prevalent with grade 8’s and 9’s.


Grade 11’s, and 12’s seem to have the most stress. School Captain Jaden Bains stated that “The mental fatigue is what catches up to you. Also, the final stretch before applications brings quite a lot of stress.” Jaden’s words were quite the summation of other comments from grade 11’s and 12’s.


All interviewees were also asked if they feel more stress in the first or second term. The results were varied. Grade 8’s 11’s and 12’s mostly said the first term was more stressful due to new surroundings. Grade 9’s and 10’s generally said term 2 was more stressful due to the heavy workload in a short time frame.


To conclude, stress affects everyone, some in a more minute fashion. The most surprising part of the interviewing process was that out of the 13 interviewees not one stated that they didn’t have stress. These interviews prove that no matter what grade you are, stress affects everyone.