First Grad Assembly Goes Smoothly

Hans Senger, one of the hosts.


Hans Senger, one of the hosts.

The first grad assembly of the 2017-2018 school year happened on October 2nd, 2017. Grade 12 students Joey Miller, Nick Sauder, and Hans Senger. Grad Assembly’s have always been a fun time, and allow the school to relax and enjoy themselves.  This year was no different, as the school laughed together at the school appropriate jokes that the hosts made. Teachers and students alike enjoyed the assembly, and it brought together the St Georges community and broke some of the stress that accompanies coming back to school. Joey Miller said he was overall happy with how the assembly went, but hoped that the next ones would be even better. “I thought it went really well but maybe was a bit too focused on the grads, we hope that the next ones will be even better” said Joey.

The next grad assembly will be the fan-favourite Halloween assembly, with the costume contest being one of the most looked forward to events of the school year. The grad hosts for this assembly are yet to be revealed, but they have high expectations, as Halloween assembly’s in the past have always been a great time for the St. Georges community. Nick Sauder said “I thought our grad assembly went well, and I hope whoever hosts the next one can do just as well, and help make everyone laugh”. Hans “Hands” Senger, the third host of the first grad assembly, and one of the school’s sports prefects, also expressed that he hopes that the next group of grads can help make this year’s grad assembly memorable for the entire school.

Nick Sauder, grad assembly host.

When asked about making sure that their jokes were appropriate, Joey Miller said that the key was just understanding what could and couldn’t be said in a school environment, and being cautious when there is a controversial joke. By keeping this attitude Joey, Hans, and Nick started off the year with a  great grad assembly, and set high standards for the hosts to come.