X Block: From the University Next Door


Georgian Yearbook

Professor Santa J. Ono, 15th President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia

Following off Ms. Andrea Paquette’s presentation on mental health last week, St. George’s School affirmed its level of dedication towards X blocks with this time: UBC President Santa J. Ono.

Prior to his career at one of the “world’s most elite institutions in the world”, Dr. Ono has worked at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Emory Universities as a Professor of Medicine and Biology.

UBC Thunderbirds
A perhaps unconventional figure, UBC President Santa J. Ono had just recently crowd-surfed at a homecoming event

President Ono spoke in an assuring tone. It told jokes which brought down the house; it grew serious on the topic of university planning, then told jokes again; and ended on a note of humility.

“I want to be a resource for you”, said President Ono, on the purpose of his visit, “regarding not only UBC but also university admissions in general.”