The First Monday Half-Day


Noah Strang

Louis Sujir (Grade 12), in the gym on the half-day.

On Monday September 18th, St. George’s school students enjoyed their first half day of the year. Unfortunately for the teachers, they had to remain at the school, to participate in workshops for the rest of the day. Louis Sujir, grade 12 student, said that the half day on the Monday was a “refreshing way to start the week.” This was the only half day on a Monday for this school year, and while there was another half day of workshops planned for teachers later this year, it has now been canceled.

Students were split on the idea of a half day on a Monday, as grade 12 student Ryan Sangha said he would prefer to have the half day on a Friday. Going forward this year, all half days are on Fridays or Thursdays leading into long weekends. This experiment finished with mixed results and we will see if the school continues doing these.