Looking Forward to the Fair


Luke Parolin

One boy celebrates after the pie eating competition.

St. George’s School is buzzing with excitement, as the annual Saints Fair is just around the corner. The school has been getting ready for weeks now, as the fair is one of the most anticipated events of the school year. The Saints Fair really brings the school community together, as everyone helps out in making the fair a success. Not only is it a big event for the school community but every year people from the neighbourhood come and enjoy the fair.

The fair at St. George’s is one of the oldest traditions at the school and for good reason. It is one of the only times every year where all students, staff, and neighbors can come together and enjoy themselves outside of a school setting. This year the fair is hosted on May 6th, and as always will be at the junior school campus. There will be one difference this year, as the decades-long tradition of the graduating students dressing up as girls while they run the barbecue will come to an end. This will be the first year that the graduating students are banned from doing this, but most see it as a welcome change.

The St. George’s fair annually is one of the biggest fundraising efforts by the school, and this year is the same. Students and staff look forward to participating in events such as the cake walk, the dunk tank, or perhaps the pie eating competition among other activities, and interacting with people from all facets of the community. If you don’t already plan on doing so I recommend going to the fair on Saturday and seeing what all buzz is about!