Global Stewardship Conference 2017: An Interview with Mr. Johnston

It’s almost been a month since the inaugural St. George’s Global Stewardship Conference, and I was fortunate enough to interview one of its head organisers, Mr. S. Johnston, to find out more about how it went and what could be done to improve it even more in the coming years.

Although Global Stewardship has been on the school’s strategic plan for quite some time (almost six years), the actual idea of a conference is fairly recent. It all begin with a question – how can awareness be raised around global issues and global stewardship within the school? The answer: the Global Stewardship Conference.

The goal of the conference was to “broaden horizons and perspectives” and remind the community that Global Stewardship can be integrated into almost anything. This was evident by the diversity of offered workshops – Mr. Johnston mentioned that providing choice was “a key to developing the program.”

For future conferences, Mr. Johnston and the organisational team have decided to further diversify programming and encourage students to explore events outside the regular programming of school. He concluded by stating “First year is always the hardest… moving forward, it has the potential to be so much more.”