What happened to Pokemon Go?


Jonathan Ore

The streets are filled up with Pokemon Go players

On July 6, 2016, a new app called Pokemon Go was released. Many people have been interested in the Pokemon TV series in previous years; therefore, this game drew attention to many people around the world.

For months there had been many people going outside playing Pokemon Go; however, suddenly there has been a massive decrease of interest in the game.

There are many possibilities of why Pokemon GO died so fast. For starters there have been a lack of updates making this game extremely vague. There’s nothing you can’t do now that you couldn’t do when the game was released.

Another reason why Pokemon Go could’ve died quickly would be people questioning the safety of the game. There have been many major incidents happening to people while playing this game. Two men had fallen off a cliff overlooking the Pacific near San Diego while chasing Pokemon monsters.

Pokemon Go is also an app that requires Wifi, as there’s usually no Wifi outdoors many people are forced to use cellular data in order to play this game. Many people question if Pokemon Go is worth the extra money spent on cellular data.

Richard Garriott, a fellow video game developer was asked why he quit Pokemon Go. He said, “Time to grind level went past week’s, lack of new/varied content, realization of ‘steady state end game’ saw no real differentiated strategy.”

All though their were many negatives of Pokemon GO there were also many positives that enabled this game to be one of the most popular game in the world. The popularity of Pokemon Go has gone down; however, the game did have a good run while it lasted.