Running Through The 6….04: Drake Comes To Vancouver


Noah King

Glowing orbs move in elaborate patterns to Drake’s hit Hotline Bling

Saturday, September 17th marked rapper Drake’s first of two nights in Vancouver. Rogers Arena was the venue that marked his visit to Vancouver on his Summer ‘16 tour. Drake deeply appreciates his stops in Canada and even calls Vancouver his “second home.”

The concert started with openers Roy Woods and DVSN. Woods got the crowd warmed up by playing his hits “Get You Good,” “Gwan Big Up Yoursel,f” and “Drama.” DVSN also played “Too Deep.”

At roughly 9:40 PM, the ‘6 God’ arose from a lift in centre stage to his hit song: Summer ’16. The crowd went from ‘‘0 to 100’’ real quick. As Drake came up it was revealed that he was wearing a Vancouver Canucks jersey, showing his patriotism of the city. However, through out the show the jersey was taken off and replaced by a Canada flag. The concert had many features including sudden loud bangs as well as bursts of flames flaring from the stage. In addition artist Future took the stage with Drake for the last half of the show.

Many St. George’s community members were in attendance at the concert. Grade 12 students Jacob Van Staten and Conor Entwistle were in the crowd; the two rave that the concert was ”extremely lit.” Conor then added, “It has inspired (him) to pursue a career in rapping.”

Being a large part of pop culture, Drake is familiar to many St. George’s students. By about 12:30 AM, the concert came to a close, ending the first of two nights the ‘6 god’ visits Vancouver on his summer ’16 tour.