Harker Hall’s Baseball and Barbeque

This past week Harker Hall hosted their annual Baseball & BBQ. The evening started with everyone in the Harker Hall community gathering outside the boarding house for a fantastic Barbeque hosted by Mr. Blackman and Mr. Varro; who returned to Harker Hall after retiring last year from being a house parent and teacher at Saints for the several years previous. The boarding house was fortunate enough to get steaks that were supplied from an old boy and boarder named Zul.


It was a wonderful dinner with fabulous steaks and salmon being cooked that everyone enjoyed in a pleasant community setting with great weather to accompany it all.


After everyone had ate and digested, the boarders made their way up to the Junior School field to play some baseball. The matchups were based on house teams; Hunter vs. Maitland and Sweeny vs. Robinson. Both were hard fought matches. Maitland beat Hunter by one run in the final inning to win 9-8, while Sweeny put on a great performance to beat Robinson by 12-4.


The losing teams then faced off on one side of the field and the winning teams faced off on the other side. Hunter and Robinson battled it out for third place and eventually Hunter came out victorious, with a score of 7-4. Meanwhile, Maitland went back and forth with Sweeny for the lead until eventually in the late stages of the game Maitland got two runs to seal the deal and win the game.


Every year the Baseball & BBQ event is a fantastic way for the Harker Hall community to come together near the conclusion of the school year to enjoy a great meal, fun baseball games and have a great time together; this year was no exception.