Loud and Proud; LGBTQ+ Pride Week

St. Georges held its first ever LGBTQ+ Pride week on Tuesday, April 26th to Friday, April 29th. The week embodied individualism, encouraging themes of self-confidence and self-worth while pushing to clear the mystification plaguing gender and sexuality. The week consisted of a plethora of events corresponding to themes of mental health, wellness and pride. Pride week concluded with guest speaker Lucas Wilson speaking before the students and faculty on various issues and personal experiences surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.

Pride week kicked off in spectacular fashion as Saints’ great hall sported magnificent banners representing the colors of the pride flag. A photo booth was made available where students and teachers alike were invited to be photographed in front of the pride flag to symbolize unity and heighten school spirit. Noah Klein (12, Vice Captain) spoke to the week as an extremely positive way to celebrate our differences, while reinforcing the importance of being an accepting student body.”

Saints boys were invited to indulge themselves in various activities throughout the week, including a mindfulness yoga session led by Ms. Sandra Gin on the Tuesday and an open house from the Gender and Sexuality Alliance on the Wednesday, featuring group activities and a candy bar for all to enjoy. Thursday featured an HIV/AIDS-based discussion with Ms. Bodutch, and Friday welcomed students to boast dress shirts of the colors of the pride flag.’

On April 29th, the whole school gathered in the Dixon gym for the weekly Friday assembly. To celebrate Pride week, students and teachers wore colorful collared shirts. Lucas Wilson, a transgender representative of Qmunity, was introduced. He shared with the school what it felt like being trapped in the body of a female as a trans male. Lucas used his enthusiasm and success to give confidence to those who might be in a similar position as he once was. He also complimented the school for the colors around the school and the boy’s clothes. Having a transgender man present was a great way to finish off Pride Week because the majority of the student body may not have encountered a transgender person before.

“Pride week is about more than simply understanding different terminologies within the LGBTQ+ Community. Ultimately, it is about reflecting on the way you live each day, through the words you choose, the way you treat those around you, and how you can be inclusive, empathetic, and respectful to those around you moving forward. When the entire school unites under one banner, one flag, it’s a beautiful moment, with a statement that screams, ‘It’s okay to be me.’” – Jimmy Kwan (12)