The New Student Government Constitution


Kenneth Ng

The Senior School Student Government board

On February 12th at the weekly full school assembly, Senior School Head Boy Ezaan Mangalji presented the newly constructed St. George’s Student Government Constitution to the entire Senior School community. As part of an initiative to enhance the potency and reputation of Student Government, the Constitution was collectively designed and written by Ezaan, the Grade 12 Prefect Cabinet and numerous faculty members. With regards to the content, The Constitution is composed of several detailed articles that cover a vast range of topics such as structure of the system, bodies and members, elections and a mission statement. By giving everyone access to this important document, St. George’s as a community will gain a more thorough understanding of Student Government.

Throughout the past few years, the function and powers of Student Government have often been unclear; students and staff have not been entirely sure of what it is capable of accomplishing. Ezaan strongly believes that the Constitution will rapidly elucidate any uncertainties and thus increase transparency in the system. “The Student Government Constitution, along with the bylaws, simply aim to improve Student Government at St. George’s. Ultimately, the changes brought forth combine together to foster a consolidated, connected and efficient Student Government system. Considering this is the first written document about Student Government at Saints, there is still much work to be done to make sure the Constitution will have a lasting effect for years to come.”

To check out the newly developed St. George’s Senior School Student Government Constitution, click here: