MUN Takes The Windy City

The river and skyline, with Grade 12 Jake Hauser in the foreground

From February 2nd through 7th, a group of Saints finest Model UN debaters traveled to Chicago, Illinois to participate in the famed Model United Nations of the University of Chicago, or MUNUC. Throughout the trip, boys had the opportunity to visit many of Chicago’s wonderful cultural and tourist sites, such as “The Bean” and the Art Institute of Chicago. Boys also had the opportunity to explore the city, and taste foods from some of the city’s many delicious local delicacies, such as deep dish pizza. Throughout MUNUC, the majority of the Saints delegation represented the nation of Guyana, and participated in committees such as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Organization of American States, the 1905 Imperial Cabinet of Russia, and the Disarmament and International Security Council. Multiple members of the Saints delegation received verbal commendations at the Closing Ceremony from the Dais Staff, which consisted of many University of Chicago students and Alumnus. Bill Xu, a Grade 12 student participant, had this to say about his experience in Chicago; “We all had a lot of fun in Chicago! Our sponsor teachers, Mr. Beccott and Ms. Wessler, were incredibly helpful and gave us many opportunities to explore the city. They brought us to Chicago landmarks such as the Art Institute of Chicago, Cloud Gate, the University of Chicago, and most importantly, Trump Tower. All in all, it was a rewarding experience and was definitely a good way to end my high school MUN career.”