Grad Movie Night

Students will be taking in the Christmas classic “Elf”, starring Will Farrell

On December 2nd, the Grade 12 Events Committee will be hosting a “Netflix and Hangout in the Winter” movie night in the school Auditorium. This event will be open to all Grade 12 students, as well as Grads from Crofton House School and York House School. The event will be sure to bring out the holiday spirit in all attendees, with Christmas just weeks away from the event night, and Chanukah days away. Students attending will watch the modern holiday classic “Elf”, starring the hilarious Will Farrell, and New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel. If this is not enough incentive for Grads to attend, the event will also be free to attend! A concession will be set up for those looking for a nice snack to enjoy the movie with.